The hwinfo extension to rspecs

Grid‘5000’s AM implements an experimental extension to advertisement rspecs to help tool developpers expose additional information about the different hardware_type advertised by an Aggregate Manager.

For extensibility, this additional information is exposed as a list of different media-types information is available under.

A general example can be viewed here:

<rspec xmlns="" xmlns:hwinfo="" >
  <!-- ... -->
    <hwinfo:overview media-type="text/plain">Short textual overview</overview>
    <hwinfo:overview media-type="text/html" href=""/>

    <hwinfo:hardware_type name="pcgen05" hrn="Generation 5">
       <hwinfo:info media-type="text/plain">
         1x 4 core E3-1220v3 (3.1GHz), 16GB RAM, 1x 250GB harddisk, 2-10 gigabit connections
       <hwinfo:info media-type="text/html" href=""/>
       <hwinfo:info media-type="application/json" href="http://www.virtual.wall/api/pcgen05.json"/>
       <hwinfo:info media-type="application/xml" href="http://www.virtual.wall/api/pcgen05.xml"/>
    <hwinfo:hardware_type name="pcgen04" hrn="Generation 4">
       <!-- ... -->
       <!-- ... -->